Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Don Jon Review

I just got out of a special sneak preview screening of Don Jon (yay college) and I gotta tell ya, it's a great movie. For being the directorial debut of Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who will be known as JGL for the rest of this review), it's a great movie. I think the picture above perfectly sums up JGL's character, Jon. He plays a porn and sex addicted, for lack of a better term, guido very well. Scarlett Johansson plays Jon's love interest and she also plays a (sorry) guido well. Julianne Moore adds an emotional tentpole to the movie as a woman Jon meets at night school. A lot of the comedy comes from Jon's family. His father is played by (hold me closer) Tony Danza and he steals the show, a la Bryan Cranston in everything he's in. Jon's mom is played by Glenne Headly, who does a wonderful job. Brie Larson plays Jon's sister, who has no lines until the last 15 minutes, but is still very funny. The story can feel formulatic at times, but the ending is sweet and somewhat surprising, but I'm sure as hell not gonna tell you it. JGL is a very, very talented actor and Don Jon is a good start to a very talented writing and directing career. It's not a movie I would see at full price (it's 88 minutes, which feels really short in my opinion), but, if it was a Sunday matinee, I'd peek in. Also, DON'T BRING YOUR KIDS. Seriously, this movie is NOT, I repeat NOT for anyone under 17. When it says R, they mean a hard R. Argo may not have deserved an R rating, but this sure as hell did. That being said, go see it. You'll be glad ya did. I am. 8/10

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