Friday, January 4, 2013

Why, Pixar, Why?

Above is some incredible artwork by Katy Wu from Newt. What is Newt, you may be wondering? It was a project from Pixar that was scheduled for Summer 2011/2012 that was ultimately cancelled. Gary Rydstrom was the director and writer. The reason it was cancelled was, according to JL, that Blue Sky's Rio had a similar plotline. That being that the protagonists were the last two of their respective species and they hated each other. However, they had to get together in order for their species to live on. While it is strange to have two films have nearly identical plots, that doesn't mean that you have to cancel the movie! I mean, look at that art! This movie looked STUNNING. This is just one of many pieces that have been released. Katy has more on her website at that link I posted. Heck, PIXAR THEMSELVES posted an album of art on their own Facebook page. There is no reason that this movie should have been canned. Scrap Finding Nemo 2 and put Newt back into production. Even if Gary Rydstrom is back at Skywalker Sound doing sound design, bring him back. Heck, Pixar and Skywalker are practically brothers after the Disney-Lucasfilm deal. This movie needs to happen. SOON. I require a 2018 release. DO IT PIXAR. DO IT NOW.

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