Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Few Thoughts on 2011

Hey everyone. So I'm sure you know that 2011 is almost over. Here in Indiana, it's only 2 hours till 2012. But before we get there, I'd like to look back on 2011, especially the Pixar side of things. 2011 was a tough year for Pixar. Cars 2 was not the movie everyone wanted. 38% on RT. Worst gross for a Pixar film since A Bug's Life, which was released in 1998. Meanwhile, there was the departure from Pixar of Cars 2 co-director and Ratatouille producer Brad Lewis and awesome animator and director of Presto Doug Sweetland. Lewis left for Tradition Studios shortly after the release of Cars 2 and Sweetland left for Sony Pictures Animation to direct The Familiars to be released in 2014. But there was good news. Brave's trailers were released to acclaim, Hawaiian Vacation and Small Fry were released and were adored and Air Mater was pretty good. As Pixar-related non-Pixar things, Brad Bird's Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol was released to critical acclaim and made a lot of money. Now onto to 2012. 2012 looks like a promising year. Brave looks amazing and so does John Carter, directed by Andrew Stanton. Now in the rest of the moviesphere, 2012 looks like the greatest year in film history. Animation looks amazing with ParaNorman, The Lorax, and Wreck-It Ralph along with Brave. Live-action just incredible. The Dark Knight Rises, John Carter, and many more. So to borrow from my favorite YouTuber Tobuscus, bless your face. If you sneezed while reading this extremely long blog post, bless you. Peace off. See ya in 2012.

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